A New Director

Gordon Halligan is one of the newest and most important conductors in the Los Angeles music scene. A Juilliard alumnus, Gordon has also studied flute performance and chamber music coaching with James Galway, Jean – Pierre Rampal, David Shostac, Jim Walker and William Bennett and Julius Baker at Juilliard school of music.  He also took chamber music coaching with Dr. William Linser, principal viola New York Philharmonic, Kathleen Lensky, and has been a judge in several soloist competitions and is responsible for the successful coaching of many middle school and high school students in attaining first chair and first section positions in schools all over the Southland. 

Two years ago, Halligan started a rehearsal orchestra, a small chamber ensemble featuring the principal solo flute of Los Angeles chamber Orchestra, David Shostac.  After a year of rehearsing, the orchestra entered the chamber music competition. The Beverly Hills national auditions Greystone mansion concert series.  The group, Halligan's first conducting post, was awarded a top 10 prize, competing against 82 other ensembles.

Mr. Halligan brings his wealth of knowledge of style, performance energy, deeper interpretation and elegance to every orchestra he  conducts.  He is a fantastic coach to young people and artists of all ages. His energy and passion is contagious and emanates in every performance!