Our Story

Founded in 2014 by Gordon Halligan and David Shostac, FluteSonic Orchestra featuring David Shostac started as a rehearsal group and a conducting project.  David, an internationally acclaimed flute soloist and Principal Flutist of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, recognized in Gordon Halligan a truly unique and exceptional talent as a conductor and leader, and the two musicians decided to form a new ensemble, drawing on the deep pool of gifted players in the L.A. area.

Conductor Gordon Halligan, having performed in several part-time orchestras as a principal player, felt the need to create a flute orchestra that could perform a t the highest level of interpretation, programming, and vision, matching those of the finest European ensembles.

Gordon undertook the dual responsibilities of music director and conductor, while David contributed his expertise as a soloist as well as arranger of new music for the group.  Bill Butler has also provided invaluable assistance with arrangements, playing,  and expert recording-engineering.

Along the way, FluteSonic Orchestra added some unusual instruments, besides the usual contingent of flutes of flutes of all sizes: contrabass clarinet, string bass, and keyboards (both harpsichord and piano).  The Orchestra prides itself on inspirational performances, precision of ensemble and pitch, and an extremely varied repertoire-ranging through Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, 20th and 21st Century music, and the jazz field as well.

In February of 2015, FluteSonic entered the National Greystone Auditions after only two public performances, and won a spot as one of the featured ensembles in the 2015-16 Greystone National Series.  With each performance the group strives to achieve higher levels of refinement and artistry.

Winner of the 2015/16 Beverly Hills National Auditions Concerts in the Mansion series , FluteSonic Orchestra is one of the premier chamber orchestras in Los Angeles.

“Extraordinary, dazzling, world-class”, “a musician of the highest order” are words which critics have used to describe the artistry of lead soloist David Shostac.  David has been principal solo flutist of Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra for 40 years.  A consummate artist and virtuoso, he has also held the position of principal solo flutist of Milwaukee Symphony, St. Louis Symphony , and New Orleans Symphony Orchestras.

Conductor Gordon Halligan is a former protege student of Mr. Shostac and James Galway and a Juilliard alumnus.  As a conductor, Mr. Halligan strives to achieve the level of performance and interpretation of the great chamber orchestras of Europe.  

FluteSonic Orchestra is currently performing concerts in the Los Angeles area.


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